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Gear Review

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if you can afford it get a GoPro

You get what you paid for. This camera is cheap at 137 and this camera is cheap in quality. the camera does not work well at night. the image was very fisheyed and tunneled. the resolution was not very good for "HD" the mounting system is a joke with no support to hold the camera from shaking, making your shots useless. it is light wt. and compact but thats the only thing going for it.
with two modes of shooting hi and low i didn't see a large difference, not enough to write home about.

My camera was returned because it was not recording after only two days of use. i used it to test it out around the house and the second time i did a helmet run and when i got home all my shots were not saved on my card. nothing would show up when just the day before my videos were on the 2Gb Card that it comes with.

i would not buy this camera again.
i say spend the money if you're going for action shot camera and get a go pro camera better mounting system, better resolution, and play back feature on camera.