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Gear Review

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i loves me some Cappel models

i was a fan of Cappel back in the day before their strong comeback a few years ago... any company who sticks with a marketing plan of hot half naked chicks wearing oversized snowboarding gear is okay with me... of course i know that Cappel is part of Ride, which is part of K2, etc etc blah blah blah... so i'm really supporting old asian business men rather than hot young models... but that aside, these are great pants... great straight leg, slightly bootcut fit, with all the bells and whistles... perhaps a few too many bells and whistles actually, as all the metal dangling from these pants can make you feel a little like a christmas tree at times... the material is top notch and very "street" and all the snowboard specific features are there to keep you happy... i hear the fit on the 2010 models are better with wider bottom cuffs and bigger cuff slits that let you get more bell-bottomy for a more modern look (cuffs over the highbacks as opposed to stuffed inside for those who care for such things)... so if you can spend $300 on pants go for it... otherwise, these at $140ish will do nicely, sucka.