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Gear Review

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high hopes, completely let down

i wish i could say i had the same experience that the other reviewers had with this pack, but it completely let me down . i had started the pct with a brand new one, loaded with 35-just under 40 lbs with water, and within a week, the zipper tore on the inside that keeps tension on the back panel, and the wire frame stay bent, which allowed the frame to shift and the load was never positioned correctly on my shoulders. i managed to fix the frame problem, but the corners were rubbing on my hips so badly (mind you i tried everything body glide, moleskin, duct tape, more clothes, less clothes etc) that i literally bled through my shirt, and have scars. on top of all that, the hip belt pockets i found basically useless, i'm not sure how it made it past R&D, but the corners of the frame as well as the shoulder straps overlap the rear part of the zippers, as well as the pockets, so using the whole pocket is basically impossible.

after all that there were some positive things about the pack, like the layout and the weight, but i think that it needed a lot more work before recommending it for a thru-hike.