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Gear Review

5 5

great vision

you can buy a cheap set of goggles, but going higher end is a good choice. the large lense gives you great peripheral vision and they never fog up. you can blow on the inside of the goggle and it wont fog up. the padding isnt that thick but its got three layers so its comfortable. the only problem for me is that before a run i gotta make sure they are sitting right on my face. i set it wrong once and the snow blowers were making their way under my goggles. that might just be my face shape tho and with a little adjustment, it will work perfectly. its a little bit of a pain to change the lenses but with practice i could change them under 2 mins. the blue lagoon is good for partly cloudy days to night riding and i got a silver solex replacement for really sunny days. im glad i shelled out a little more for these goggles cause theyre worth it