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Gear Review

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great glasses, great price, great shop

i have to say i was very surprised when i got my shipment in just three days, i live in Norway and every other online store i have used it takes at least a week. i was very happy with both my electric shades, one pair of technician and this pair both great glasses, technician with a sleek frame, sits firmly and never slides off, i used them at riding my bike trough a hedge and they was still on. the bsg was smaller than i tought but that was nice, fit my head real nice, dont fall of when you get sweat or move around. i am very happy both with this shop, in which are my new favorite place to shop online and i have just al ot of different sites, this one kicks ass(because of the high prices in Norway, and the states f#¤ked up economy, everything is a bargain, i just bought some pants on a trip in Florida on holliday for 100$, the same exact pair cost almost 800$ in Norway) the glasses are very solid, i have drop them several times with no problem, i lost my bsg pair when i was riding a bike in full speed, they just bounced of the asphalt a few times, i was shure that they were f%¤ked up but all that happened was a few schratces on the frame and nothing else. great glasses, i have a pair of anarchy glasses and they got destroyed on the first party, sucky glasses or maybe i am just to demanding. anyway happy new year and may your village idiot keep f*cking up your dollar so i can keep up shopping for less... i am lasy so i wrote a split review and copied it to both places, peace.