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Gear Review

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great, but a little sore

I bought the pace gloves for barefoot running and have been loving them so far. The feel is great and I think they really do align your stride better. I used to get cramped on runs in the shoulders and hips, and that's gone away in these shoes.

I am a little hesitant though about running longer distances in these. I'm training for an easy 1/2 marathon, so just runs of 3-6 miles in the past month. I run 1/3 trail, 2/3 paved and the lack of cushioning is definitely felt around in the area below my ankles after running. Not sharp pain, just some soreness after running. We'll see if my muscles adjust as miles increase, or I may need to find more cushioning.

I think these are GREAT casual/active shoes though, and LOVE the feel running. I am usually a 7.5 in Merrell with a longer 2nd toe. I tried on the 7.5s and they are a snug, toe-to-the-end fit, so I opted for the size 8. They felt roomy in the toes at first, but not hitting the end is pleasant while running.