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Gear Review

4 5

great (big) bag

My wife wanted a bag that she didn't feel claustrophobic in. We have a couple of young boys, (3&6) so I figured this would take care of a few issues at once. It worked great. I'm questioning that whole claustrophobic thing because she was just a bit too contented having those boys sleep with her. I may have been manipulated (you think?) but the way they all looked in that bag sleeping was worth it. The zipper works good and it was comfortable for them. The temp that night was around 40 and there were no complaints. Its actually not bad on the weight side either. At six pounds it was worth it. Would definitely need a bit of help in much colder nights, I'm thinking it would be fine until 35 or lower. Not a bad deal for two folks who have shared genetic material together as one could carry the tent and the other the sleeping bag. It would even help eliminate any arguments knowing that ya'll were going to have to share the same bag. I recommend it for what it says it is except the 20 degree thing, therefore it gets four stars.