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good stove

Pros: small, light. MSR quality. Sturdy pot holders, also there are 4 so that is a plus. Gets water boiling really quickly because it has a big flame ring. Easy to simmer.

Cons: auto-ignite hasn't worked once for me yet. Pot holders are sharp and do not pack well, i'm always worried about putting a hole in my bag when I pack it. Havne't found any way to nest it yet.

My buddy uses the pocket rocket, which in my opinion has less sturdy pot holders, and it definitely has a smaller flame base...but he said he can nest it in his Quick 2 cups. Also the Pocket Rocket only has 3 pot holder prongs while the Superfly has 4. Something to keep in mind.

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I'm trying to decide between the pocket rocket and the superfly
I want to use the MSR quick 2 system...
Im concerned about the packability of the superfly,
Im concerned about the efficiency and stability of the pocketrocket with the quick 2 pots

any comments?

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Honestly, I would advise you to go with the Soto Micro Regulator. It is a great stove that packs down extremely small, pressurizes the gas canister so virtually all fuel is used in multiple altitudes/temperatures, and has a ignition system that lays across the burner which is much more stable and strong than the ignition sysytems off to the side of the burner,as you can see with the Superfly.