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Gear Review

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good shoe but not the "go to" type

If you don't want to read the whole review here is a quick synopsis of my review... "good shoe but you wont buy it a second time"

In the gym this shoe excelled way past what i though it would especially for how cheap in price they are! I even finished my 5.11 project i was working on in the gym with these bad boys. And being what is considered a heavy climber (190 pounds) the toe is stiff enough to tackle those small shitty foot holds that come along with hard routs.

That being said.... I feel this shoe should be left in the gym.

We all have a set of shoes that might be in the worst of condition but when outside and getting your ass kicked by a certain route we always go throw them on and all of a sudden the route is no problem at all.. and well... this shoe just is "not that shoe" its good but not great and just doesn't have what it takes to be shoe you will consider re-buying.