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Gear Review

4 5

good for the price

I'm going to start at 4 stars as I haven't been using these too long yet, Going off of the only review posted, I did notice these were on the fragile side when they showed up, so I did some tinkering on the install. Here's what you do. Get some Gorilla tape at Home Depot, it's the best duct tape on the market, you'll be using it for making micro-bushings for this application, and if you don't have one, buy a utility knife too.
Put a piece of tape across the bottom of the hold, cross cut where the holes are, and use a screw to push the tabs into the hole. Then place the hold where it should go, mark, and drill the pilot holes. Then put a piece of tape on the wall where the hold will go. Next step, using 1/2 inch pieces of tape, make washers for the screws by sticking 2 pieces of tape together, cross hatch the center just small enough for the screw to go through, and you have your washer. Then, just put the hold on the wall, line up the holes with the pilot holes, thread the washer on the screw, and with a HAND! screwdriver, screw the hold to the wall, gently torquing each screw back and forth until it is snug. Then with the knife, trim the edges of the tape bushing away, and you're almost done. After a few weeks, try to snug the screws a little bit, as the backing wood may have shrunk, or expanded depending on humidity, and you should be good. It's painstaking, but always drill pilot holes, and use a hand screwdriver to screw them on.