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good enough

Got these on SAC for half off the timing was right and so was the price. This is a good shoe, the downturn is great for toeing in on overhangs and the rubber on the toe is nice for hooking. The heel fits well enough, i have a narrower foot and heel (sportiva fits me better). The break in period was terrible not painful but long (climbing 3 times a week for 3 months!) it wasnt until a friend with bigger feet tried them on a couple times that they actually fit well.

a note on sizing i wear a 9 (or 42) street shoe these are 9's as well sized aggressively for bouldering, however most people i know went a half size down from there street shoe. I also have the Miura sized 38.5 also aggressive but much more comfortable than the predators.

***update: the shoe has become increasing sloppy, its almost impossible to heel hook on a small hold, even on bigger holds my foot shifts inside the shoe. They have also acquired the traditional evolv smell.
I dont regret getting them, they were cheap, i needed a new pair of shoes, and now i know that evolv really isnt for me.