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Gear Review

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good casual specs, BUT..

so they have great coverage, they are a big, frame. small faces, look elsewhere. i love giant specs, so these are a good casual, knock-around sunglass. they are very light, relatively durable, but i've had two problems. 1) i find the lenses scratch easier than some of my other glasses. they seem a bit fragile... however the lens clarity is stellar, and things acutually look clearer and crisper with oakley lenses. i love their optics. here is my big gripe. oakley customer service sucks donkey parts. one of the "o"s popped out on its own, and i called to ask oakley about this. they said it happens, but they wanted $10 to replace the "o" or i had to pay $40 to send them in for an "evaluation" what a absolute joke. this is horrific customer service. any other company i can think of just sends out a new part if something goes missing. i've had companies send me a shippng label to send somethign in for free warranty.. Oakley shoudl take note.