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Gear Review

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good, but not great

Bought a pair of these to replace a pair of ten year old Burton AK Oven mitts. Used them for a week in Breckenridge snowboarding, temps running from the teens in the morning to the mid 30's during the day. My hands are always cold, so I was really hoping I could get away with using just these on their own, but alas, my hands were still cold. I had a pair of really thin Smartwool liners with me, put those on with them and bam, instant warmth. The nice thing was is with the liners wicking away the sweat my hands stayed nice and toasty, and during the mid days a little too toasty, so I'd have to pull my mitts off on the lift. One thing I really do not like are the wrist straps. Sure they're cool looking anf super burley, but they also do not breathe at all and really make your wrists sweat bullets. Also, the leather palms will nick and cut very easily if you have a tendency to do a lot of grabs when jumping. Overall I like the mitts, I just don't think they'll last me quite as long as my faithful Burton AK's did.