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Gear Review

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good, but could be better.

I bought this jacket because I wanted a down jacket that would work with the link-zip interface to my 2009 Burton AK 2L Summit pants. The jacket keeps me very dry, as expected, and it links to my pants beautifully. That said, there are a few things that I don't love about it... I wish there were more pockets. I am a fan of the goggle pocket in the chest and the map pocket on the arm. This jacket has neither. Also, I don't love the neck closure. It's too tall to sit under my chin when zipped but not quite tall enough to cover my mouth. It just sort of covers my chin (which is weird), so I end up having to use a neckwarmer on cold days to protect my face. Also, it really could be a bit warmer. I haven't found a jacket that is better suited to my needs, so I guess I'm relatively happy with it, but it's definitely not as perfect as I had hoped.