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go to pants.

great pants. i use them for hiking/backpacking and some off-trail scrambling. no tears or snags so far in several miles of dense forest and brush. dwr coating is nice. they work great in a light to moderate rain. have not worn them in a full on deluge and i dont think i will try. i am 6'3" and normally wear a 34" waist with 32" inseam. i got the large. they fit very well, the lower legs below the zip are a bit baggy, but thats the way i like pants to fit anyway. stretchy enough that i can get the legs off without taking off my size 11 boots. the toggled cinch cords in the cuffs are a nice addition. the bottoms dont drag the ground when i have my boots on. i pull the cinch cords a bit when i am wearing shoes so they dont drag. i also pull them up over my ankles when its wet or muddy so they dont get saturated...they do however dry quickly. wait for any mud on them to dry and rub the fabric against itself and you dont have to wash them. ever. however, i have washed them 4 times so noticeable changes in dwr performance. i have read reviews where people complained about the belt. i have no real problems with it. it functions. in my opinion, the size belt they provided is not appropriate for the waist size of the pants. i have no problems with getting them on and off, i would just like to see MH provide a longer belt for this size (not much room to tighten). they stretch well enough that i have never noticed limitations in motion. they zip off pretty easily. took me a minute to get them back on the first couple times, but i marked which leg is right and left and the front of each inside with a sharpie and have had no problems since. shorts work well. you cant tell they are zip off when they are without the legs.there is a flap inside to keep the zipper parts off your legs. the shorts come to mid-patella on me, but i am sure this will vary a bit with size and person. also, i have partially opens the zippers on chilly days for venting and have had no problems with the zippers coming open more with movement... i dont notice that they are also shorts when i have them in pants mode and vice-versa. great pants for full retail, excellent pants for the the 50-something they are on sale for right now. might buy another pair tonight, but i dont really think i will need them for the foreseeable future.