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good jacket. got it off SAC for less than $50. vents considerably well. packs small. there are better venting jackets out there if you want to pay for them. still vents pretty well. pit zips help. this is my go to jacket. tough ripstop. i like the toggle on back of the hood better than others with toggles on the front. you can fit a helmet under the hood and it rolls out of the way nicely too.

conduit laminate material doesnt breathe as well as gore-tex, but it seems to shed water just as well. its never saturated through on me.

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I can't figure out how to use the flap on the hood to roll it up. It seems like however I do it, the velcro will be either rolled up in the hood, or won't be grabbing the hood at all. What am I doing wrong??

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it doesnt velcro to the hood. it sticks to the jacket. the hood rolls up and the velcro strap goes around it.