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Gear Review

5 5

fun fun fun...

after a season on it, and after getting used to capita's FK RC and the way the horrorscope rides (and also giving the board a full detune), i no longer have any problems with the hookiness from the flat kicked tips at the corners of the contact points... the board is soooo buttery and ridiculously easy to throw around... the soft tips make it really forgiving for flatgrounding and general messing around, while the slightly stiffer midsection makes it decently stable outside of the park on groomers (i mean slightly stiffer relative to the tips - this thing is still hella soft compared to most other boards, and is definitely softer than the stairmaster)... the overall softness doesn't ruin its rideability for some reason like other jib sticks though... medium sized tables are no problems and i also have to add that after getting used to the different way of ollieing the horrorscope, i can't get enough of its pop... the thing boosts... it ollies so easily; no clue why, it just does... 20-30 foot tables in the park make for solid landings with no sketch... boxes/rails were super easy on this thing... hands down, my favorite thing to do on this thing is just eff around all mountain: buttering/pressing every which way, flatrgound, jibbing 'SLOW' signs and tree stumps and reverting out, butter spins, easy 1's and 3's, finding rollers and side hits and tricking off em... it's a hands down fun deck... sooo deliciously easy to ride.