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I had the chance to ski this today from the shop with super high expectations. The bridge looked great on paper and was the ideal weapon (in my mind) for the day. the conditions were groomers that had been sun baked and the temp was rising so things slushed up a bit. The first few turns I was getting the ski dialed to see what kind of turn it liked and were it felt most comfortable speed wise. After a few turns I felt that i was missing something and that something was liveliness. They felt completely dead on my feet, there was no reward for a nice arking turn, no crisp finish, no pop to the next edge ( this is partially due to zero camber underfoot) but they still felt dead. To keep this review somewhat short I'll just cut to the chase and say I'm a bit of a stranger to the park but it was my last ditch effort to draw some fun out of these skis and thats where they delivered. I'm not the most graceful in the air but those things will get you up there and make it a blast to rocket off the lip of any jump. I believe this ski is more suited for a park skier as opposed to an all mountain quiver ski as i previously thought. I sure there is a market for this ski and there are a tone of skier that will love it but it just didn't fit my skiing.

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Well I feel silly for writing almost an identical review to yours. Well put!