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floating on the freeride

I just ripped through 8 inches of fresh December powder on my new Airboard Freeride! This is the ultimate powder sled. Freeride’s performance was killer. The wider platform kept me floating over the snow and the broad, upturned nose kept the bow riding high. Where the slopes provided a dip or a jump, I took it without worry, launching myself into the atmosphere knowing that I had 10 inches of trapped air cushioning me from the hard, cold ground below. I continued on down the mountain carving sweeping turns until I let it loose and bombed the final face. While the final descent raced my heart and caused my eyes to tear into blurs, making those sweeping turns reminded me that I was in control. The Freeride is the baddest ride out there. And while it ain’t free, it is the best winter investment in fun that you can make.