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finally blister free

I am blister prone...I have never found a pair a boots or sneakers that didn't cause blisters, even with all the duct tape and moleskin in the world. When it came time to pack for a recent backpacking trip, I was a little worried about footwear since there was going to be a good amount of hiking involved. Since we were going somewhere warm (Havasupai) I decided to bring my Chacos. For me, they're the ultimate shoe. I can wear them around town, hiking and in the water. They're easy to rinse off (Havasupai is super sandy) and easy to get on and off. 32 miles later, I still had happy, blister free feet! You may not want to do the same if you have weak ankles or something, but I have to say...I am thrilled. My only complaint about these shoes is that when you're walking in a river with lots of little rocks on the bottom, you will get some in between your foot and the shoe and that can be a pain.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, has very flat feet and the way his feet sit in Chacos causes horrendous blisters. I have pretty high arches, and they fit me perfectly, so I'd definitely try them out for a while before committing to days of hiking in them.