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fantastic night's sleep!

I've tried several different makes and models of pads looking to find one that was comfortable on my over 50 year old hips and still light enough that I could carry while backpacking. Found this one and decided to bite the bullet and spend the $$. I've had this one out now on 3 trips and enjoyed every nights sleep. The one time the temps rose pretty high, I just put the pad inside my silk liner and slept on top of it. I got the short size and use my backpack at my feet. Actually I'm pretty short myself so with having a bag stuffed with clothes for a pillow at the head means just my feet are off the other end. Works for me. I found you do have to make absolutely sure that you have both air valves closed tightly, do that and no leaks. Blowing up is easy once you get the hang of it. Practice at home a few times before trying it out in the woods!! I also like how I can roll it up into different sizes, that makes it so much easier to place inside my backpack. My next most comfortable pad is a therma rest trail comfort. Much heavier and my hips will sometimes ache in the mornings. Plus it doesn't pack small, I always have to tie it to the outside of my pack. The therma rest will be for sale!! The bag I use is a down quilt that I made. I made 2, summer & winter and so far I've only used the summer quilt with this pad. Can't wait to actually try out both the winter quilt and pad in really cold weather.