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Gear Review

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excellent stove

While not a real lightweight, it is an excellent stove for hard expedition/third world use. No issues on changing out burner nozzles, good fit and the tool fit was very good, contrary to problems that earlier versions may have experienced. With butane, it is much more versatile than Jetboil, and with any liquid fuel I have tried (diesel, kerosene, white gas) it is superior to any of the MSRs being made (mostly) out of real metal instead of plastic, if not quite the equal of the old 00 with kerosene in terms of pure panache. Not the simplest or lightest stove out there for casual use, but if you are going to live with it for an extended period of time and use it hard, there are few current stoves that are better. It's truly "omni-fuel", doesn't depend on cheap plastic parts where it counts, and its a Primus. They basically invented stoves!