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excellent, for many reasons

i really love these insoles. i hike for 5-7 hours at a time, quite frequently, and couldn't be happier. they have so many positive attributes: no abrasion against my foot soles (i've found that superfeet have this problem), just enough cushion to them (they have an amazing balance of support and just a bit of give/cushion), they have a nice wide platform (many insoles aren't wide enough, especially those provided with shoes), they don't get sweat-logged, they dry out quickly, and they are very resilient. after hundreds of miles, my two pairs (i alternate) don't show many signs of deterioration. maybe this is because i alternate them, giving each some time to dry out. whatever the case, they seem to be lasting quite well.

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I can get about 800-1000 miles of trail running from one pair.