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Gear Review

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well made, for sure, and i like the styling a lot, but this pack keeps failing tests for me. i originally bought it as a day pack for travel, but because it's so high on the top, you can't wear it on your stomach. then i thought i'd at least use it for bike riding, to replace my messenger bag, but alas, it's too high for that too and kept forcing my head forward. and as another reviewer said, the front pocket has a lot of little mini pockets, but stuff won't stay in them and you're inevitably faced with a gumbo of little things upon arrival. not only that, but because it's not actually a proper section, but just a division of the main compartment, when you have the pack stuffed, the outside pocket gets smashed flat, making it hard to load and basically worthless. i do really like the fit though, although the usefulness of a regular old bookbag type backpack would trump this thing.