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Gear Review

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i was stupid for getting these bindings. i heard good things about technine and they have always had an insane team and videos, so i figured id try some binders. i picked these cus they were cheap, they were stiff as hell(i like stiff bindings so i can control my board on jibs, jumps, and backcountry), and they looked super padded and comfy. well they are pretty padded. the straps are super comfy accept when you actually go to resorts, cus the leather gets hard and uncomfortable, and rips and cracks. and they straight up dont fit my boots at all, cus they only have 1 size. only get if you have boot size 10 or up.

but if you want super stiff bindings for your meaty feet to use during warm spring season, id recommend these, if not, they suck.