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Gear Review

3 5


I'm giving this 3 stars because I was told by the rep here it was a good combo pack and car camping tent. When I first got this tent I was shocked how big it is packed up. the first time I set it up I had some issues with the Hubbed poles, Its tricky trying to get them all pegged into the corners. After that it was a little easier. the cross poles that hold up the doors are a great idea but I still dont know if they are ment to run under or over the top of the other poles. then it was time to set up the Fly, I had a lot of issues trying to get this set up. once you match up the sides the real trick is pulling the fly to the other side. It kept getting caught up on the over hang poles and I was nervouse I would pull to hard and puncture the fly. the free gear loft is ok, It hangs very tight. the free ground cloth was another issue, have to check some of my other cloths because I was shocked to see that Marmont didnt seam tape it?? it would have been nice if they went the extra mile. Oh also there is a big seam about 3/4th of the way on the floor and on ground cloth. I could actually match them up. I would just feel a lot more secure if the floor was a true bath tube design.

Over all its a good summer car camping tent. Not a bad buy if your looking for something to get you threw a few trips over the summer. the extra space marmont brags about also comes with the coast of a big and heavy pack size. I think Im going to return it and look for a 3 man. the MSR Motha Hubba or a Big Anges might have been more of what I was looking for