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eh... not bad but not great

Solid cams, hoever, I would go with the Offset Masters or find some aliens!

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I agree. The offset Master's have a more narrow head than these 3 cam units. Still, get what you can, when you can. These are great, and work particularly well in Yosemite. If you can't find the Offset Masters or Aliens, these are great. I had these before the Masters were available and I thouht they were great. So now that there are better cams, are these no longer great? Nope, still great. Though, I had powercams and then these offsets...I think U stem style cams are going the way of the buffalo...(single stem tend to be more flexible and walk less, have a more narrow head). I just got my first mastercam and it definitely makes all of my other metolius U style cams look silly.