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Gear Review

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dulce panatalones!

Sweet pants indeed!

Versatile! I wear these things climbing (at least) twice a week. I pull the lower leg pieces off to jog for my warm up and then put em back on to climb. Love that...

The mobility on these is fantastic too! I do not feel impeded what so ever when I am climbing. I get full range of motion when I am working a tough route or problem. Being distracted in anyway by your gear is a bad thing when you are working up a rock face.

I have also hiked a couple hundred miles in these (I bought 2 pair). They both still look brand new! I bushwack on the regular and these things hold up well to thorns, rocks and resting my keister on abrasive surfaces.

The gripes I read seem to be related to older incarnations of these pants. Whatever they were in the past, these things are legit now!