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These are fine for traveling in the flats and on very low grade slopes, but if you plan on going up any hills, get some Black Diamonds. I bought these skins about a month ago because my Black Diamonds were getting way to old and used up. I have enjoyed using G3 skis in the past so I thought I'd give the skins a try. Terrible waste of money. Used them three times for three of the most frustrating tours of my life, I ended up bootpacking each time. These skins gripped the snow about as well as a hot knife grips butter. Went back to using the old BD's.

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No offense, but you may need to work on your skinning technique. :) I switched to the G3 skins after years of using BD skins. The BD skins may climb just a *slight* bit better, but the difference is minimal. Overall, I like the G3 skins better and find they work great skinning up very steep slopes.

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I've had no problem going straight up a mountain.