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don't be lazy

Sure, a factory split will be more "perfect" and "refined," but it's also going to cost more than your '91 Outback. If you want a way into the fresh backcountry goods, without breaking the bank, the Voile DIY is your ticket. Plus, you'll be rockin a one-of-a-kind set-up that'll make all those factory split sell-outs look like a bunch of generic, lazy suckers.

Like anything DIY, the more patient and clean you are the better it will come out - be careful with the wood paddle bit! My biggest complaint with this particular kit is the parts list. It calls for a 19/64 drill bit, which barely exists (just use a 5/16 and some epoxy) and an unnecessary ball pein hammer. Really look through the instructions to see what you'll need, and make sure you have everything before you get started, nothing worse than having to make multiples trip to the hardware store.

To seal the inside edges (the cut edges) I use Spar Urethane, then coat them with epoxy (sanded down for a nice straight, plastic-like edge)