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Gear Review

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i have spent the last two winters looking for a new coat with a full hood - high collar to replace my old one. a converted men's coat i bought second hand and wore for 5 years.

recently i spent just under 600 dollars on the canada goose ladies' montebello model. instantly fell in love with the styling and feel, and the idea that my search would end here.


the hood when worn as a high standing collar is a tad to tight, and won't zip or button up around my chin. i tried a size larger but the collar was exactly the same.

the fur attachment that zips onto the hood is a bit floppy, so it doesn't stand up when i wear the hood/collar unzipped. the zipper of the attachment doesn't lock, so periodically i have to close the gap at the edge.

my old coat's hood was lined with teddy bear material. i liked that better, because this hood slides around too much when i wear it more loosely, and it makes noise when it rubs against my ears, plus it's not as cozy.

the lining generally feels a little thin and of lesser quality than one would hope from a coat in this price range.

every day i find little bits of down clinging to the black fabric. today i realized the pocket lining material (a beautiful teddy bear fabric) is covered with down that is extremely difficult to remove.

it hasn't been colder than -3 degrees yet, but on really windy days, i'm already a little surprised that i can feel the wind on my arms and my shoulders. it's not as warm as i expected. at the same time the sleeves are a bit too tight and the lining clings to my forearms that get sweaty when i ride my bike. it's also a little too tight under the arms. nothing that gets washed so little should be so close to the armpits!

it could do with one more button at the bottom near the hem the corner gapes a bit at the opening. the bottom pockets don't help this.

the bottom pockets are internal pockets - nothing really fits into them. they bulge onto the inside of the coat and make it tighter and more constricted on the hips - not good for riding. it would be better if the pockets were little pouches sewn onto the outside of the coat. it would even accentuate the tailered styling. as it is, the pockets deform the whole look if i try to put my gloves inside.

the upper pockets are situated a little too high to be comfortable. my elbows bend all the way just to reach the pockets and when resting in them, my arms seem to put a lot of stress on both the edge of the pockets and my wrists.

to be absolutely ideal, there should be zippers under the arms for venting, so the neck and ears can stay covered, but you don't soak the coat through if you find yourself being a little more active.

all in all the coat could have been a lot better thought through. i think it's way too expensive for the value.

and finally if i'm going to be really nitpicky i'll say the range of colours is not versatile for different skin types. i would have chosen a colour other than black, but they were all cold colours that make my face look ill.


i think the coat looks great!

there are countless pockets. that can come in handy.

the full hood stands up pretty well worn as a collar, even though it doesn't zip up all the way, and keeps ears warm under that great fluffy soft warm piece of fur, even in a pretty hefty wind!

the two way zipper of course is a must! good thinking.

had i known when i bought it what i know about the coat now, i might have continued my search. the fact is there probably isn't anything better out there, but for that kind of money i had great expectations that just weren't met.