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I live in a relatively small Canadian city with a sh*t selection of boardshops so I decided to order these, mainly because they look absolutely dope, and i have a number of pairs of Nike sneakers so i figured i at least knew the right size to get. When they arrived (after an additional $100 in customs fees on top of $66 in shipping), i immediately loved the look of them and could tell they were well padded. I'm a fan of traditional lace-ups because I like the simplicity - however, these things are like a freaking spaceship. I guess if you've had similar pairs it wouldn't be an issue, but my last Ride boots had one pair of laces, on the outside, so I actually had to watch a youtube vid to figure out how to work all the different lace systems on this thing. Only to find out, that the leg is about large enough to fit my arm. I've never even heard of this issue before, but I couldn't do up the inside velcro strap at all, and the outside one not very well. The tongue stuck out strangely and they felt extremely uncomfortable. I have slightly larger calf muscles, but by no means huge, and am 5'9" size 8 - all I can figure is that they used an extremely skinny 5'0" girl as their model. In retrospect, you can kind of tell by looking at the top view of the boot (above). Doesn't look like any leg I've ever seen. So you essentially end up trading sick intense padded liner for the ability to fit a human leg. With all the work involved with multiple sets of laces and straps, I'm not sure I'd be keeping these either way. My advice - make sure you try them on before ordering!