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Gear Review

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Stuff sack is not exactly what I was thinking I would get. As the last review stated the xs, which is what I oredered, and the L (I suppose based in their review) don't have the roll top closure. I wasn't exppecting a cinch cord. I guess I can understand that on the xs, but on the L...???? Just don't understand the logistics of that one. At any rate, I was going to need a stuff sack about this size and the cinch cord instead of the roll top band makes it a lil more light weight so I'm not going to be upset. However, BC SHOULD look into changing this listing to clarify this issue, cuz I REALLY did need a stuff sak with roll top closure about this size for electronics and such. It gets 3 stars, not because it isn't a decent product; it is. 3 stars because it is only adequate, not extraordinary!