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crazy light and packs small but problems!

used this tent twice; first time in the snow around 6,000' and 30 degree temp. i left the window as well as the door unzipped about six inches hopeing there would be enough air flow so there wouldn't be any moisture in the morning on the inside of the tent. no luck. the walls were as wet as the outside (rain/snow off and on throughout the night). second time around 6,500' with temp around 50 degrees. no rain that night but plenty of condensation inside the tent (i would have slept under the stars but the mosquitos were killers). ALSO - i am about 5'10" and i have to sleep diagonal and the end of my 6' sleeping bag touches the bottom corner.

unless you're shorter than 5'9" and aren't concerned about moisture on the inside of the tent in the morning, i would not buy this tent. crazy light but just not worth being cramped and wet.