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complete crap

In addition to the safety issues these boots suck for touring and suck for skiing. the fit wasn't great and Salomon's three buckle doest preform well. The three buckle design Salomon uses isn't very secure and just makes the tongue seem even softer i'm not sure the tongue is actually 120 it seemed much softer. the one buckle in the middle of the top cant be tightened very much which seemed to make the overlap slide around. All the issues i had with the tounge seemed to make these boots suck for the downhill. These boots are almost worthless for touring. I'd recommend a boot like the mobe or even a full on touring boot like the maestreal. Chances are if your looking at this boot you want a free ride /at boot this is not one. the mobe will preform up on the up the down and fit nicely. I would recommend this boot to skiers who like getting hurt or want a boot that cant tour or ski well with. in all seriousness i wouldn't recommend this boot to anyone, not even my worst enemy.