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Gear Review

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cheap alternative to switchback

If you want uphill performance like that of a free pivot binding, but don't want to break the bank, I recommend the 3 pin Hardwire binding from Voile. Made in SLC, UT, by competent, ski loving dudes who test and push their stuff to the limits.
The Hardwires don't offer the performance of a Hammerhead, or NTN, they are lighter weight and in my opinion, better than G3's, or BD's. Voile is a great company and makes a solid binding.
For the typical telemark skier, these are a great option. Folks who want to save themselves from potentially serious injuries due to non-releasable bindings, can rest assured that the CRB's will eject on gnarly falls, but not on gnarly lines.
These are a good all around binding for typical telemarking. Some of the best tele skiers I know use these and nothing else. I'm reliant on equipment too much, and like my Hammerheads, but for low angle skiing, I like these a lot. Great for lighter weight skis and boots, but okay on fatter, not so heavy skis.