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I should have gotten a size bigger. I'm 5'9" and have a large athletic build (i'm a rower). I ordered a Large. I got these for running and rowing in cold weather. Although the fact they are so tight is very flattering, within a couple months the crotch of my tights busted.They are also short, inches above the ankle short. I've been compromising for months now but have recently decided to see if CW-X will take them back under warranty... I want a new pair though, they're awesome!

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Rowers of the world unite!! But anyways your review caught my eye because I'd be using them for the same exact purposes. I am a bit over 6 foot, and seeing that you're 5'9" I'm inclined to say there isn't a chance they'd fit me. Would you be inclined to agree? I really want these snazzy tights, but just need a bit of affirmation I guess...