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Gear Review

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I prefer these to full metal jackets for a few reasons, but there are a few things better about the FMJ. FIrst, the titan has better cords. Skullcandy says the cloth cords won't tangle as much. I don't find that to be true. They tangle just as much. Titans have thick rubberized cords, which I like a lot more. Second, the cord on the titan is longer. The cord on the FMJ is just too short, i pull the buds out of my ears all the time. Third, way cheaper, because it doesn't include the inline mic, which never works anyways (didn't on my iphone 4 at all). The forward and reverse controls on the FMJ suck too, they don't work. So, for the price, the titan delivers the same sound, but for cheaper, with some better features.