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Gear Review

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boils soup in just under 35 seconds

i have had this stove for going on about ten years now. It's been my go-to stove for almost all my backpacking adventures. i just now used it to heat up a can of soup for my lunch break at work. i timed the boil time of the soup, just out of curiosity, and was pleased to see it reach a nice roiling boil in about 35-40 seconds. i usually take one 8 oz canister with me for up to a 3-5 day trip and have never really run out while in the backcountry. after ten years my stove is still in great condition as well. it has the usual slight discoloration on the supports from being subjected to high heat for so much time. that certainly hasn't affected the performance one iota. i will continue to use this stove until it breaks, at which point i will promptly buy another one.