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Gear Review

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better than a water wedgie

When you ride in the rain, it's pretty much a given that you're going to get soaked one way or another. What I really needed from a fender was one that could mount easily, and keep the rooster tail from splattering that attractive brown mud stripe all up and down my jacket and backpack.

Was pretty skeptical on how these would perform, given that they're mounted with a only couple of rubber straps, and don't provide the level of coverage from a full road fender. However, after much finagling on the proper height (I'd first mounted them too low, and on a test run, they rubbed against the tire) to mount them on my steel frame, I hit the road in a surprise rainstorm, and came back completely soaked--save for my asscrack, and my lower back, just beneath my messenger bag (which was also bone dry). Seat rails and post were also totally clean.

So, mission accomplished?

* easy to mount, but admittedly tricky to find optimal spacing and fit between fender and tire
* this particular blade runs up to a 23mm wide tire
* low-profile design nicely dials down the dork factor for your roadie rig
* ideal for strapping on for that just-after-rain road wetness