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bananas are ok

Here is my personal take on the lib-tech skate banana. I am 6'1'', 165 lbs, and wear a 10.5 boot. Have ridden the sk8 nana on just about all conditions. I have a 159 and ive ridden it for everything. They hold up to riding in the powder, as the banana naturally excels in that area anyway. They are solid all around boards. You can ride park, rails, cliffs, jumps, jibs, etc. The flex really isn't as soft as what i've heard most people saying. It's a nice medium flex I'd say, so it will hold up to the entire mountain pretty decently. They butter really well too. Im not that into butters and i can pull them off pretty easy on this thing. My two big problems with the sk8 nana are these: lack of pop and high speed stability. Anyone who says these things have great pop, has probably never ridden a good cambered board. They definitely lack in the pop area, especially compared to a good cambered deck. Also high speed stability & the magne-traction. This thing starts chattering around and bouncing through rough, tracked up spots, and forget high speeds. Thing feels sketchy at real high speeds. The magne-traction seems to aggressive, and sometimes gives me the feeling that it wants to pull to only one side, hauling ass flat based on this thing is tricky, to me seemingly. If you want a responsive, poppy, hard charging board, id look somehwere else. Slower speeds, riding switch, and buttering around are the high points on this deck.

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this is a horrible review becaus ei got the banana and after ten day i thrashed out the nose lifting up all of the top sheet because the absence of a rail on the nose. it rides well in death cookies and is an ok board.

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u obviously dont know that this board is REVERSE CAMBER so no it doesnt have as much pop as a cambered board but it has good enough pop for anything, once u start riding it and stretching it out it gets more flexy and its great flex and u must not be very experienced riding at high speeds because mine doesnt chatter at all or shake at all the magne traction even saved my ass a few times ride it a few more times before u put up such a harsh non true review

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Didn't realize opinions were subject to being true or false.