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Gear Review

4 5

awesome with small hesitation

I bought this via SAC. This is a great great base layer, don't hesitate in purchasing via SAC's discounted price. At full price I only have one hesitation.

The shirt is a baselayer, as such it is supposed to fit snug, I don't know why the people complaining about sizing don't realize this. I'm a solid "Medium" shirt wearer, my entire closet is medium shirts from various companies, so I naturally purchased this in medium and it fits perfectly. Yes, it's snug, but it's supposed to be, its a base layer! If your looking for a generic short sleeve shirt then don't purchase a shirt designed as a base layer.

Now, my only hesitation and the reason for not giving it 5 stars. The labels. There are two at the neck collar, they are small and I can't feel them. BUT there are two tags on the hip side seam, they are rather large and the cut edge rubs against your skin and is quite irritating. The worst part is these labels are superfluous, one tells you the code to lookup the animal that your wool came from or some such thing, the other is care instructions. BOTH of which could have been printed onto the inner material itself. So now I have to figure out how to remove the labels without damaging the shirt. But once I do, I'll end up ordering like 5 more of these...