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this is an awesome board i road it at highcascade and i really want to get it but the price is whats got me tripping so other than that its the best board ive ever road

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i am going to buy it because it is made like a skateboard it has 3 laers and i personaly dot'n care about the price as long as it is a good board and also this board has a sweet flex with pop it is a awsome board!!!

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this board basically replaced the jibpan. I think it was a smart move by k2. they already have regular park boards being the world wide weapon rocker, the parkstar, and the darkstar holds it's own. This board is INDESRTUCTABLE. Basically every1 who says aww it's too expensive.... wahh.... you need to get out. This board will last many seasons longer than any other board you find for 80 bucks less. my neighbor/ best friend had the new fastplant and ive never seen anything like it. we got 7 inches of early snow in nothern vermont so he set up a jib in his back yard. basically a jump off his back porch about 8 feet down to a single barrel rail. he landed flat based in a backside boardslide and i was cringing thinking it was gunna snap his board in half. I wouldn't do that with my darkstar.... i said umm why would u do that with ur brand new board. he said cuzz they dont break. then he leaned it up againt the wall and ran as fast as he could and jump onto the middle of it and it flexed so much that i had to close my eyes then poped back out and sprung him 3 feet in the air. after that, I say look no farther BambOOYah!