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absolute failure

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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Mountain Hardware is a good brand and this tent has been out for awhile. It is quite possible that the failure I experienced was an isolated problem. Having said that......

This past summer, I spent 5 weeks in Pakistan on the Baltoro Glacier and surrounding areas. Three days in, we had a brief rain. The tent leaked a bit and we forgot about it. Two weeks into the trip, we had a full day of rain. The tent was an absolute failure. QUARTS of water came through the tent. Water + down sleeping bags + many miles from home = major problem. We had to cut holes through the bottom of the tent in order to let all the water out. If not, our bags would have weighed 30 pounds and been useless. As it was, all of our gear was soaked and it took the next week of trekking to finally dry everything out. In the meantime, we slept in the cheap Chinese cook tent......

Mountain Hardware is a good brand, but I will NEVER NEVER buy another one of their tents.

Backcountry was amazing ?�and took the return back without a problem. Bad tent, but a great experience with

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In all fairness, you can't judge ALL Mountain Hardware tents based on this one experience. I have used a Trango 2 tent for many years and have found it to be superb, though a bit heavy ( 12 pounds with stakes, guy out lines and foot print). I have used it in strong winds, heavy rain, snow, frigid weather and warm weather. Also, I wonder if ANY of the reviewers who complained about leaking ever bothered to buy and use a tube of McNett Seam Grip? It is a common misconception that seams do not need to be sealed.

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Why would the consumer need to seam seal the tent?
Should I seam seal the gore-text jackets I buy as well?

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You would need to seal it if you're not using it for it's intent, which is snow, not rain. And no, you should not seam seal a gore-tex jacket, nor compare it with a winter tent.