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a bad pole for backcountry use.

i have had the red version of these for along time and used them for a few years until they let me down one too many times. thankfully my companions on an alaska glacier trip had an extra set of leki's or i would have been left without functioning poles. the locking mechanism failed. i had it fixed and it failed again and again. i have asked others about them and the universal opinion is that they suck.

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I disagree. I've had a pair for six years now. They're old and battered and ugly. And the locking mechanism on one side keeps coming loose, so that I have to tighten it every couple of days. BUT they are great poles. Light, strong, reliable. Bulletproof.

Yes, as I said, the locking mechanism is not as reliable as the cam-lock type. But actually, I think that's a good thing. Many years ago, I had a bad fall where the pole hit me in the face hard enough that I thought my cheekbone had fractured. But the pole telescoped down, and in doing so, saved me from a hospital visit. Each time I tighten my poles now, I'm careful not to overtighten them: I *want* them not to lock too hard!