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4*'s out of 5,, why not 5*'s?? everything about this binder is great except the highback,, if you notice in the picture it starts to peel off on the corner,, the more you shredd,, the more snow and ice accumulate making this highback uglier and uglier,, other than that,, super F'inlite,, the ankle straps are suede and super comfy compared to the straps that come originally with the Flites,, the toe strap is also suede and upgraded to the ones found on Union_Forces,, i rock a size L/XL for my DK5's from Vans size 11,, only adjustment that I need to do on the binders is the ankle strap,, pull it out to the end hole and you are set to go!!!..//

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Holyyyy. I thought my Contact's were pretty bad. But this takes the cake!!!