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Gear Review

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You Gotta Work it!

When I first got these it was 85 degrees here. Since it has turned freezing I started to wear them and had the same problems everyone else is complaining about with the rubbing. Especially at the top of the heel or beginning of achilles tendon also the inner and outer ankles. I thought I was going to have to return them. What I figured out is that they DO have a break in time. You can speed up the process by taking out the liner and manipulate the liner and then the leather part where it rubs one at a time. (Like you are rubbing a piece of clothing trying to get a stain out.) It makes the fabric liner and leather part of the boot more pliable; there for no rub! Also, It helps a lot with the Frankenstien walk! Now I LOVE these boots! They keep me dry and warm! And are comfortable. Also, There is enough room in there to put my 3/4 orthotics underneath the liner . I where a 10 and bought a 10. Enough room for thick wool socks too!; without being to big. Thought this might help some of you! By the way, I love the fur! It Is functional too, keeps the snow from getting in your boots!