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Gear Review

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I was looking at a few boards and it took me a while to pull the trigger but I'm glad I went with this one. Was looking for a board that would be able to do it all and rider's choice does just that. All I'd ever had before was traditional camber boards. Been snowboarding for 15 years, since I was 9-10. The C2 just makes turning too easy. Don't see how you could catch an edge on this thing. The magnatraction is sick. If you get mostly icy conditions, you absolutly need it. Grips like hell. I mean you can actually carve the ice, not just slide around. Haven't had it slip from under me so far. You know that "oops" moment when you realize you're gonna land butt first on that ice? No more. Don't really hang out in the park so can't comment. Bombing, no problem. This board is fast and stable. Powder, no problem. Groomers, the control is so sick. This is getting a bit long so I'll say this: If you have several options and can't decide, just go with this one. Go ahead, do it. I'm 6"0, 165lbs, got the 157.5 cm.