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Yes I've slept in mine.

  • Gender: Female
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Get these while you still can!! I got one pair in December ... and a second pair in January!

Straight numbers to compare to the size chart : my waist is ~28" before food; 30-31" when I've eaten anything that isn't nailed down. Hips are 37". My bubble butt is due to extreme lumbar lordosis.

These pants are shaped to fit curvy women. Check the sizing chart -- they are gauged on an 11" development (hip # minus waist #)

Since I only have a 9" development, I ordered Medium for my 28" waist and ignored the hip size. The butt fits great. I can pinch about an inch of loose fabric in the side of the hips; same for each thigh. On an empty stomach, cinching up the waist drawstring helps keep out the draft. After a big apr?s-ski meal, the waistband uncinched is perfect, NOT uncomfortably tight at all. Under my ski pants - these are dreamy. Under jeans - they take a little shimmying around to get comfy. By themselves - I think they're more comfy as "housewear" than sweats or yoga pants.

With my curvy butt, I'm totally in love with the high waistband -- a WELCOME CHANGE compared to most mid- and low-rise pants that usually have such a slight angle on the waistband that the fronts cover my navel while my poor butt freezes in the breeze. The powerstretch is fluffy and super soft so a little extra material in the front doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as other pants.

Compared to my other base layers and poly-pants I used as base layers -- their stink resistance is very good. After a wash, they dry astoundingly fast.