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Gear Review

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After reading the reviews and the description, I decided these would be a good buy. They look good, nice color, but...they aren't XL. I'm not a German weightlifter or a silverback gorilla, or large man for that matter. I'm a 5'6" tall lady with a bit of weight ( read 'chubby,' or '25 lbs to lose'), and have a large facial bone structure (substantial cheek bones) thanks to my Asian heritage from mom. So if this sounds anything like you, I'd be wary of these glasses. I feel like I'm trying to put on a pair of kiddo sunglasses. Along with this pair, I also bought the Cassette Yo! ones, and while they're snug, they fit way better than these. I could return them, but what I'll get back after the returns fee is a measly four bucks. Dang.